Understanding the CEDE Format, Touchstone 4.0
AIRExposure Database

The AIRExposure database stores the user-provided exposure information. 

Schema Diagram

To view the database schema diagrams for the AIRExposure database, see Schema Diagrams.


Contains records for primary insurance policies.

tDBVersionDefines the version of the database.
tEngineLocPhysicalPropertyStore information about the location's physical properties that were calculated by the engine.
tExposureSetContains exposure set information. An exposure set is a collection of contracts, locations, and other related information.

Contains primary contract layer information.


Contains layer conditions, such as sublimit and policy restrictions.  Note that sublimit belongs to a layer and is usually associated with a filter criteria, such as specific group of locations or perils.


System reference table used to map the location to the layer condition.


Contains geographical attributes and primary risk characteristics for each location. It serves as a reference point between Location and Contract entities.  All locations entities are tied together by the same Location SID.


Contains detailed building information, including secondary risk characteristics.


Contains risk characteristics for each offshore location.

tLocParsedAddressContains street-level address details for each location.
tLocStepFunctionXrefSystem reference table used to determine the step functions that are associated with a location.

Contains information about location terms.


Contains information about the workers' compensation details for the location.


Contains information about Facultative certificates and Surplus Share treaties that are applied to exposures such as location, contract, and layer.

tSIDControlContains a list of all SID tables and the last SID value in use for each table.  After each insert operation, the SID value will update.
tStepFunctionContains general information for each step function SID, including the contract in which the step function is used.
tStepFunctionDetailContains detailed information for each step function SID.



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