Filtering the Activity List


The Activity Filters area enables you to filter the list based on activity type, status, and submission date.

For example, to view a list of your completed imports that was submitted after 01/01/2014, and then re-display the complete list of your activities:

1.      If the view is "All Activities", click All Activities to display your activities. The button is now labeled "My Activities".

2.      In the Any Activity Type list, select Import. (You can select multiple activity types.) The activity type appears in the list.

3.      In the Status list, which defaults to "Any Status",  select Completed.

4.      In the Submitted After field, select the date from the calendar, or enter 01/01/2014.

5.      Click Refresh . The Activity Monitor lists the completed imports that were submitted after 01/01/2014.

6.      To re-display the complete list of your activities, click Clear .


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016