Demand Surge


Demand Surge is the increase in prices for labor and materials following a catastrophe, as contractors take advantage of the increase in demand for repairs and replacement construction.

The Demand Surge function allows you to set defaults for Demand Surge. You can also create custom Demand Surge curves  specific to a geographic region. When you create a custom curve, you can paste data into the grid, revert to the last saved version, and clear the grid. Currency is established in Currency Rate Settings.

Set loss defaults for demand surge in the Demand Surge pane.

Parameters & Buttons


Common buttons Use these buttons (when applicable) and the parameters below  to set demand surge defaults.


Select a region from the Region drop-down menu. For details on what areas are included in a particular region click the Regions button.

Set as Default

Enable this  check box to establish the current settings as the default.


Select units  (trillions, billions, millions, thousands) from the selection list.

Factor fields

For each number you wish to update, click inside the cell and enter a new number. To create a new field click and enter starting and ending points and increment in the Add New Demand Surge dialog box.



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