Forestry Unit Price


Set loss defaults for forestry unit price in the Forestry Unit Price pane.

Parameters & Buttons


Common Buttons Use these buttons (when applicable) and the parameters below to set default forestry unit pricing.

Unit Prices

Configure and update the default per-hectare (HA) unit prices for forestry land in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The unit prices are used only in conjunction with user-provided gross area values to calculate Coverage A replacement values for locations in Finland, Norway, and Sweden, or with Forestry (375) occupancies, when user-specified replacement values are not provided during Import. Since forestry replacement values are closely tied to the price of land, changes to the default unit price are reflected in the business interruption portion of the loss analysis results.


Forestry calculations using the Gross Area field for Finland, Norway, and Sweden should not be done for the United States.



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