Gas and Oil Prices


Gas and oil prices are used to calculate platform Business Interruption (BI) losses in Touchstone. Touchstone provides default values for both the oil production rate ($96/barrel) and gas production rate ($ 3.65/MCF, or 1,000 cubic feet). You can change these default values at any time. However, since BI losses are a function of the oil and gas prices in Touchstone, you should ensure that these assumptions are reasonable to avoid over-inflating the BI portion of the loss estimates.

Set loss defaults for gas and oil prices in the Gas and Oil Prices pane.

Parameters & Buttons


Common buttons Use these buttons (when applicable) and the parameters below  to set default gas and oil prices.

Oil Price

Enter a new unit price for oil.

Gas Price

Enter a new unit price for gas.



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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016