Loss Widget Template


Loss Widget templates enable you to define the default loss perspective and the presentation of losses as aggregate or occurrence, and build a rule based on a ratio of AAL to Total Replacement Value. For information about configuring Detailed Loss Analyses, refer to the Detailed Loss Analysis help topics.

  This feature is currently available only in Underwriting Contract mode. To use this object, you must have the appropriate analysis license. For example, you must have a Data Quality Analysis license to use a Data Quality Analysis template and a Hazard Analysis license to use a Hazard Analysis template.


Parameters & Buttons


Common buttons

Use these buttons (when applicable) and the parameters below  to manage Loss Widget templates.


Name of the Loss Widget template.


Brief description of the Loss Widget template.


Select  type of loss perspective.


Select either Aggregate (total losses in a year) or Occurrence (highest possible loss per year from a single event).

Flag Rule

Select AAL (expected value), SD (standard deviation), or any of the following return periods (1000, 500, 250, 100, 50, or 20).

Total Replacement Value

Total replacement value (TRV).


Move sliders to specify the defaults for percentage of locations for pass, warning, and fail categories. The indicators appear in the Loss Results widget in the Contract Summary dashboard. Defaults are: If the ratio is 0-33%, the indicator in the results screen is green (Pass); if the ratio is 33-66%, the indicator is yellow (Warning; if the ratio is greater than 66%, the indicator is Red (Fail).


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