User Group Management


Each user in Touchstone is must be explicitly added to the pool of users and assigned a role and business unit. The User Group Management function enables you to add and delete users and groups, and assign users and groups to specific application roles and business units. Use the application role to specify the level of access for a user or group. A user or group can have one role, but can be in more than one business unit.

Parameters & Buttons


Common  buttons

Use these buttons (when applicable) and the parameters below to create and modify users and groups.

Indicates a group.

Indicates a user.

User/Group Name

View only. Click Add to create a new user or group.

Application Roles

Assigned when created. To modify, select a role from the selection list; refer to the topic Role Permissions  for details.

Business Units

Assigned when created. To modify, select a business unit from the selection list.


View only.


View only.


Click the column head to reorder the table alphabetically by the current column; click again to reverse the order, or, click on another column header.


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