CAT XOL Analysis


A catastrophe excess of loss reinsurance program (CAT XOL) indemnifies the ceding company for that portion of the loss that exceeds the limit of its own retention per event. You perform a CAT XOL analysis on the results of a detailed loss analysis or loss group analysis. You can run CAT XOL analyses on detailed loss groups as long as the results include a Net of pre-CAT loss perspective. Click here for information about what CAT XOL supports.

  You cannot run Marginal Impact, Loss Group, and CAT XOL analyses on the results of Non Catastrophe Peril Analyses.

CAT XOL analyses apply the highest equivalent geographic resolution available in the loss results against which you run the analyses. The highest geographic resolution possible for a CAT XOL analysis is the postcode level and the lowest is an event total.

For more information about configuring and running a CAT XOL analysis, see Configuring and Running a CAT XOL Analysis.


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