Interpreting Scoring Results


After the analysis is completed, you can view the results. To access results in Portfolio Mode, see Working with Grids. To access results in Underwriting Contract Mode, see Viewing Analysis Results. Click here for information about using the sidebar to alter the content and format of a view.


By default, the application opens to the Dashboard Summary view in the Report Detail Viewer. In addition to the Dashboard Summary view, you can select one of four views that display the results in a tabular format.

       View results by policy

       View distribution by overall risk

       View results by geography

       View results by distribution of data quality scores

When you select the Policy or Geography view, you can group the results by different categories.


Group Results By


Exposure View, Exposure Set, Policy (default)

  When viewing scoring results by policy in Underwriting Contract Mode, the only applicable option in the Group Results By field is Policy.


Country (default), Area, Sub Area, Postal, Location

Click here for information about sorting columns, filtering lists, grouping analysis results by different column headings, and calculating grand summaries of analysis results.


To view basic information about the results set, in the sidebar click Show/Hide Content Items and then select the Overview check box. You can use the Notes field to record notes, observations, or identifying information for the selected results set.


To view the Overall Risk on a map, select Geography in the View list and then select the grouping, such as by country. In the sidebar click Show/Hide Content Items and then select the Map check box.

Click here for information about working with maps.



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