Saving a Rule Set


You can modify a rule set in the Rule Set Manager and in the Rule Set Editor.

Rule Set Editor window

After modifying a rule set, you have several Save options available in the Rule Set Editor window:

       To rename a rule set, click the blue Rename button, which appears to the right of the rule set name. In the Rule Set Name field, enter the new name, and then click Update.

  You cannot rename the AIR default rule sets.

       To save a modified rule set, press Ctrl+S, or, on the Rule Set menu, click Save.

       To save a modified rule set as a new rule set, press Ctrl+Shift+S, or, on the Rule Set menu, click Save As New Rule Set, enter a rule set name, and then click OK.

Rule Set Manager

In the Rule Set Manager, you can modify the rule set name (other than for AIR default rule sets), and set the Default and Enabled options. In addition, for user-created rule sets, you can click the Pencil icon to open the Rule Set Editor and make configuration changes to the rule set. When you have completed your changes, click Save.


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