Associating Results to a Project


AIR ExportExpress enables you to copy loss results or loss groups to a new database, effectively creating a "portable loss results” database; the copied results are not associated with any exposure database or project. In addition, when you delete a project, you have the option of not deleting the project's results; enabling you to save the results in an offline database when you remove the project

When loss results are no longer associated with a project, you cannot view the results, perform additional analyses on the results (including Loss Group and Marginal Impact analyses), or export the results to a CSV file. Using the Associate Results to Project feature, you can perform these activities on the associated results.

As a result, without having the original exposure data, you can take a database that contains detailed loss or loss group results and associate those results with new or existing projects.

To associate loss results to a project:

1.      Launch Touchstone. The application opens to the Home page.

2.      On the ribbon or on the title bar, click Data Source Management .

3.      Select the database containing the results you want to associate to a project.

4.      On the ribbon, click Associate Results to Project . The Associate Loss Results to Project dialog box displays a list of results sets on the selected database that are not currently associated with a project.

5.      Select one or more sets of loss results that you want to associate with a project and then click Next.

6.      Select the project to which you want to associate the results:

a.      If you select Use an existing project, the system displays the list of available projects. Select the row containing the project that you want to use and then click Submit.

b.      If you select Create a new project, the Project Name field appears. Enter a name for the new project and then click Submit.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016