Attaching a Database


You can attach databases that are on a database server. You can attach only one instance of the same database.

To attach a database:

1.      Launch Touchstone. The application opens to the Home page.

2.      On the ribbon or on the title bar, click Data Source Management .

3.      Click in the blank row with the white Add icon in the first column. The Database Name field becomes editable.

4.      Enter a database name. If you are attaching a CEDE V1.0 database, you must prefix the database name with "AIRCL2EXP"; otherwise the database will not appear in the list even if the attachment process was successful.

5.      Click in the MDF Path field, click Browse for File   , and then navigate to the database server containing the database that you want to attach.

6.      Select the MDF file and then click Open.

7.      On the ribbon, click Attach .

8.      If you want to attach another database, press Enter. The database you just attached moves to the next row, enabling you to attach another database.

9.      On the ribbon, click Reload to refresh the list. The status is "ONLINE".


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016