Creating a Database


When you create a database, the Data Source Manager automatically registers it for use with Touchstone. You do not need to attach it.

To create a database:

1.      Launch Touchstone. The application opens to the Home page.

2.      On the ribbon or on the title bar, click Data Source Management .

3.      Click in the blank row with the white Add icon in the first column. The Database Name field becomes editable.

4.      Enter the following information about the database:

a.      In the Database Name field, enter a name.

b.      In the Type field, select EXP (exposure) or RES (results).

c.       Optionally, in the Size field, enter the size of the database (in kilobytes).

d.      Optionally, in the Growth field, enter the maximum size of the database (in kilobytes).

e.      In the MDF Path and LDF Path fields, accept the default path (recommended), or click Browse for Folder and then navigate to a target database server, or enter a UNC path to a target folder.

f.        Optionally, in the Description column, enter a description.

5.      On the ribbon, click Create . The Registered value is "Yes" and the Status value is "Submitted".

6.      If you want to create another database, press Enter. The database you just created moves to the next row, enabling you to create another database.

7.      On the ribbon, click Reload to refresh the list. The Status is "ONLINE".


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016