Deleting Exposure Sets


When you delete an exposure set, Touchstone deletes the exposure data in the exposure set, such as contracts and locations. After deleting an exposure set, you can view the log in the Activity Monitor to see how many items, such as contracts and locations, were deleted.

To delete exposure sets:

1.      Open the project containing the exposure sets that you want to delete.

2.      In the navigation pane, under Project Data, click Exposure Views.

3.      On the Exposure Views tab, click New.

4.      In the Create New Exposure View pane, select the exposure set or sets that you want to delete.

5.      On the grid toolbar, click Delete . The Delete Exposure Set(s) dialog box displays a confirming message regarding the number of exposure sets that you want to delete.

6.      Click Delete again.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016