Exposure Summary Dashboard


The Exposure Summary Dashboard is a graphical report that enables you to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of your exposure data. You can view the following types of content: The default dashboard includes the exposure map and various charts displaying the percent of replacement value for various exposure data attributes. With Touchstone V1.5 and later, there is a new chart that is associated with workers' compensation policies; the Distribution of Number of Employees chart displays the number of locations whose employee counts are within a given range. By default, the Map Tools tab is active. The analyses that you are licensed to perform are listed in the New Analysis area of the navigation pane

         An exposure map

         Distribution of replacement values by

       Occupancy type

       Construction type

       Coverage type

       Geocode match level

       Building replacement value

       Year built

       Number of stories

       Per diem time element



       User line of business (LOB)

         Proportion of known to unknown secondary characteristics

         Number of contracts by limit type distribution

         Number of contracts by reinsurance type

         Distribution of number of employees

Icons in each view window enable you to perform various functions:

         Show in window icon : Displays the data in a tabular grid in a separate window, enabling you to drill down into the data.

         Maximize and restore the window

         Close the window .


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016