Modifying Exposure Views


You can easily modify exposure views. For example, you may want to select a different exposure set, filter the exposure view so that it does not include a particular area code, change the currency and rate setting, or change the exposure view name.

To modify an exposure view:

1.      In the navigation pane, under Project Data, click Exposure Views.

2.      Select the Exposure Views tab so that the Management tools are available.

3.      Select the view that you want to modify. Make sure that you do not click the view name; clicking the underlined name opens the view.

4.      Click Edit . The Modify Exposure View pane displays the list of databases and exposure sets; the currently included databases and exposure sets are selected.

5.      Modify the exposure view. For example, select a different exposure set, add an exposure set, filter the current exposure set, or modify the exposure view name. (You can also modify the name in the same way that you edit a project name.) As soon as you make a change, the Update button becomes available.

6.      Click Update. You can monitor the regeneration of the exposure summary in the Activity Monitor. If you open the exposure summary before the regeneration is complete, you will see the application updating each of the blank view windows. When the regeneration is complete, all the windows will be updated.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016