Opening an Exposure View


Opening an exposure view displays the Exposure Summary Dashboard. The dashboard provides a visual overview of your exposure data. The analyses that you are licensed to perform are now available in the New Analysis area of the navigation pane.

To open an exposure view:

1.      Launch Touchstone. The application opens to the Home page.

2.      Open the project containing the exposure view that you want to open. The Exposure Views grid lists the exposure views in the project

3.      Click the underlined name of the exposure view that you want to open, or right-click the exposure view and then click Open on the shortcut menu. (You can also highlight the exposure view and then click Open on the ribbon or on the grid toolbar.) The default Exposure Summary Dashboard includes the exposure map and several charts displaying the percent of replacement value for various exposure data attributes. By default, the Map Tools tab is active.

  To go directly to the Exposure Summary Dashboard or to the Contract List, click in the Exposure View Name cell, but not on the exposure view name. You can then click Go to Exposure Summary or Go to Contracts List.

4.      Click here for information about using the sidebar to alter the content of the pane and to select the best layout for your exposure data.

5.      Click here for information about opening the contract list.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016