Output Options Pane (ERN Loss Analysis)


The Output Options pane contains the following fields and buttons that enable you to configure the output that Touchstone generates for catastrophe peril analyses that use the ERN models:

  If you want to perform a catastrophe peril analysis using the ERN models, first select External Model in the Model field on the Analysis Settings pane.



Can Be Included in a Template?

Loss Perspectives

Specifies the loss perspectives to include in the output from this catastrophe peril analysis. Select one or more of the following loss perspectives:

       Ground Up



For more information about these loss perspectives, see Selecting Loss Perspectives.


Save Loss By

Indicates that Touchstone produces event-level losses only when using the ERN models. Also, in this case, Touchstone generates summary and annual EP details.


For more information about the loss results that Touchstone generates when using the ERN models, see Using the ERN Models.


Touchstone saves results only by the selected loss perspectives in the database, which helps to reduce the amount of data stored in your databases.

  You can create and edit loss analysis templates to specify default settings for detailed loss analyses. When you create or edit a loss analysis template, you can specify any of the settings indicated in the table above to include these settings in a loss analysis template. For more information about loss analysis templates, see Loss Analysis Template.



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