Perils for ERN Models


To analyze exposures in Mexico using the ERN models, prepare your import data by coding exposures as follows:

       PES (Earthquake Shake) for the ERN Earthquake model

       PWH (Tropical Cyclone, wind only) for the ERN Hydro model

  You can also use the PAL peril code to represent all licensed perils.

Then, when configuring a Detailed Loss Analysis to use the ERN models, select Earthquake Shake and/or Hydro in the Perils field on the Analysis Settings pane.

When viewing loss results, note that Touchstone uses the PES and PWH peril codes in loss results from Detailed Loss Analyses that used the ERN models.

For more information about preparing exposure data for import, see the following topics:

       Working with Exposure Data

       Mexico Perils

       Preparing CSV Files

       Importing Exposure Data



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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016