Geospatial Analysis


Geospatial Analysis enables you to perform a deterministic risk analysis on accumulations of exposures in given areas exposed to natural and man-made catastrophes. It combines powerful spatial visualization with exposure, hazard, and loss data, providing you with important insights into the risks to your exposures. You can get a quick geographic view of where your exposures are accumulated, and you can drill down to key locations to understand the surrounding areas. In addition, you can run a geospatial analysis on exposures in regions, and for perils, for which there are no catastrophe models.


This module requires a license. If you do not license it, it does not appear in the product.

This module does not currently support analysis of workers' compensation exposure data. If your exposure data includes both property and workers' compensation data, Geospatial Analysis does not use the workers' compensation exposure data when calculating replacement values.

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This module enables you to accumulate global exposures by replacement value or by exposed limits, (using Touchstone’s Financial Module to evaluate the impact of contract terms, limits, and deductibles) along multiple dimensions of exposure characteristics, hazard information, historical event parameters, and modeled loss results. This supports better underwriting decisions , for example when you want to analyze how underwriting new exposures will contribute to existing exposed limits.

You run a Geospatial Analysis on an exposure view.


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