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When you launch Touchstone by double-clicking the Touchstone icon, the application opens to the Home page. To return to the Home page at any time, click Home . The Home icon is always available on the Default tab; if you are not on the Default tab, the Home icon is available on the Quick Access toolbar on the title bar.

Tabbed Menus and Ribbons

The tabbed menus provide access to account and system information, Help, application functions, and user settings. Tabs are contextual, that is, tabs appear only when they are relevant to the task that you are performing. When you select a tabbed menu, a ribbon displays icons for the available functionsthe icons on each ribbon are also contextual. For example, when the Project Data area of the navigation pane is active, options relevant to Exposure tasks—Management and Analyses—become available in the Management and Analyses groups on the ribbon. To hide or show the ribbon, click in the far right of the menu bar.

         File: Displays a menu with the following functions: Account & System Info, Help, and Administration Console. The Account & System Info pane displays user, Touchstone Client, database server, and license expiration information. You can modify the business unit, the mode (Portfolio or Underwriting Contract), and the database server.

         Default: Displays the Default tab.

         Project: Displays the Project tab.

Default Tab

The Default tab provides access to the Home tab and to common application tasks. You can access the same tasks from the Quick Access toolbar on the title bar.

Home Tab

By default, the Home tab displays the Projects, Latest News, Import and Export, Recent Activity (Activity Monitor), and AIR Support panes. In each pane you can click Maximize to maximize the pane, and then click Minimize to restore the pane to its previous size and location.

Projects Pane

This pane displays the list of projects that the current user and other users associated with the same business unit are working on. For each project the pane displays project attributes, including the name, creation date, modification date, author, and description. To open a project, click the hyperlinked project name. You can add projects and delete projects from this pane.

Click here for information about sorting columns, filtering lists, grouping analysis results by different column headings, and calculating grand summaries of analysis results.

Latest News Pane

This pane enables you to receive live feeds that contain various types of AIR content. In the event of a natural disaster, access to AIR ALERT website provides recent catastrophe information and provides you with speedy access to posted event sets. You can also access AIRCurrents, AIR in the News, and AIR Events.

Import and Export Pane

This pane provides you with quick access to the AIR ImportExpress™ and AIR ExportExpress™ modules. You can also access them by clicking the appropriate icon on the ribbon or on the title bar.

AIR Support Pane

This pane provides you with contact information for AIR Support.

Recent Activity

This pane, which displays a subset of activities included in the Activity Monitor, enables you to view the status of recent activities and to launch the Activity Monitor.

Project Tab

The Project tab enables you to perform project actions.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016