AIR ImportExpress


AIR ImportExpress has robust import capabilities that enable you to import contract and exposure data from external sources into AIR Touchstone databases, regardless of the format of the source.

In AIR ImportExpress, perform the following actions:

       Select one of the following options in the Import Type list:

Import Type Option


Comma Separated File (.csv)

Import data in almost any custom, client-specific data format saved as a text file. Importing comma-separated-values (CSV) files significantly decreases the amount of time that it takes to import data into Touchstone.

CSV files are simple text files that store exposure data in a tabular format. Each line in the file is a separate entry in the table, and each entry has a pre-defined number of columns that are separated by commas. You can use any spreadsheet application (e.g., Microsoft Excel) or text editor (e.g., Notepad) to read and edit the files. You use AIR ImportExpress to configure column-mapping and value-mapping settings for these text files.

Note that you can also import text files that use other types of delimiters. Set the desired delimiter on the AIR ImportExpress Options tab.


For detailed information about importing CSV files, see Importing CSV Files.


Import data using AIR's open-source data formats, UNICEDE/PX and UNICEDE/FX.

To assist primary insurers, reinsurers, and reinsurance intermediaries in the efficient use of detailed exposure data, AIR developed the standard data format, UNICEDE. Since its introduction in 1983, the UNICEDE family of data formats has become the industry standard for the exchange of insurance data. For detailed information, go to AIR's UNICEDE web site,

The UNICEDE/PX Primary Data Exchange Format enables insurers to transfer detailed exposure data into and out of Touchstone, CLASIC/2, and CATStation. Companies can use this format for all types of property insurance, including commercial, residential, single-location, multi-location, industrial facilities, and excess.

The UNICEDE/FX Facultative Data Exchange Format enables facultative reinsurers to import detailed exposure data for certificates that have been placed. This format supports the same lines of business as the UNICEDE/PX format.


For detailed information about importing UPX or UFX files, see Importing UNICEDE Files.

EDM Format

Import RMS-EDM exposure databases. Even when data is not stored in an open data format, you can still use AIR ImportExpress to import data that is stored in RMS's EDM databases.


For detailed information about importing data in EDM format, see Importing Data from EDM Exposure Databases.

ACORD Binding Authority

Import data using standardized industry exposure data formats.

ACORD™ (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development) is a global, nonprofit standards development organization serving the insurance and related financial services industries. ACORD's mission is to facilitate the development of open consensus data standards and standard forms. As part of this mission, ACORD has created a standard for exposure reporting via the creation of a data template for binding authorities.

AIR supports this ACORD standard and enables you to import ACORD U.S. Property Binding Authority Standard Version 3.0 [ACORD ER30001] files directly into Touchstone. With this format, AIR ImportExpress enables you to import policy data into Touchstone with minimal setup.

For complete details on the ACORD format, refer to The Binding Authorities Implementation Guide on ACORD's website.


For detailed information about importing data in ACORD Binding Authority format, see Importing ACORD Files.


Touchstone does not support ACORD reports of Workers' Compensation fields.

CEDE 1.0

Import AIR CEDE V1.0 databases created for use with CLASIC/2. AIR ImportExpress supports the conversion of CEDE V1.0 databases, which are attached to SQL Server 2005 or later databases, into Touchstone CEDE V2.0 databases.


The source database servers must be registered in Touchstone.


For detailed information about importing CEDE V1.0 databases, see Importing Data from CEDE 1.0 Databases.

       Select or clear the Close on Import check box to indicate whether you want Touchstone to close AIR ImportExpress when you click Import.

       Click Import to initiate or schedule the contract and exposure data import.

       Click Cancel to close AIR ImportExpress without initiating or scheduling an import.

For additional information about importing contract and exposure data into Touchstone, see Importing Exposure Data.


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