Importing UNICEDE Files


AIR ImportExpress enables you to import data—for property and workers' compensation policies—into Touchstone with minimal setup using the UNICEDE® (PX or FX) data format. You must include workers' compensation exposure data in the location file. For detailed information about working with the UNICEDE data format, see Preparing a UNICEDE File.

  You can import files that use UPX version 12.5 or later into Touchstone.

Process overview

To import data from a UNICEDE (PX or FX) file, perform the following steps:

1.      On the ribbon or on the title bar, click AIR ImportExpress . The application opens to the Import & Mapping Data tab.

2.      In the Import Type list, select UNICEDE® (PXFX).

3.      Select the import file.

4.      Set the destination for the imported data by specifying the database, exposure set, and (optional) exposure view for the data that you want to import.

5.      Configure the import options.

6.      Submit the import.

7.      Open the Activity Monitor and check the activity log. When the status of the import activity is “Completed,” open the activity log for the completed import. Check the log for records that were imported, validation errors, and indication of rejected records.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016