Submitting the Import


After selecting the import files; configuring import-specific tasks; specifying the destination data source, exposure set (when applicable), and (optional) exposure view; and setting import options, you are ready to start the import. In AIR ImportExpress, click Import. The system submits the job to the Activity Monitor for processing. You may want to refresh the Activity Monitor periodically until the status changes to "Completed."

You can then select the import activity and click View Log for a summary of the import results.

  If you are importing data from CEDE V1.0 databases, the application appends "(CEDE Conversion)" to the import name.

The import log contains information about invalid construction and occupancy codes, based on country/region.

  To view logs in Touchstone, you must first configure Notepad or WordPad as the default application for opening text files on your computer.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016