Applying an Event Set Filter


Applying an event set filter enables you to run a standard catastrophe peril analysis for a user-defined subset of events in the event set that you have selected. For example, you can configure an analysis that considers only hurricane events with a landfall wind speed of greater than 130 mph. You can filter the events within an event set by rules, locations, and/or events (that is, by model ID and event ID).

To apply an event set filter:

1.      Create a new catastrophe peril analysis. For more information, see Creating a New Catastrophe Peril Analysis.

2.      On the Analysis Settings pane, click Apply event set filter.

3.      In the Event Filter window, filter the analysis events by rules, locations, and/or events (that is, by model ID and event ID).


Note the following considerations when defining event set filters:

       If you define multiple filter criteria, the analysis considers only the events that meet all the criteria you have specified.

       If the event filter that you have defined excludes all events, or the filters that you have specified are not supported for the event set that you are running, the analysis proceeds and may potentially return no losses.

       You can define rules and location filters only for earthquakes, tropical cyclones, and terrorism events.

       For Wind events, if you define a polygon, Touchstone filters the events by making sure that the first landfall point is within this polygon.

       You can define filters by model ID and event ID for all perils.

       Once you have defined a filter, click Apply to save your changes before defining additional filters.

4.      After you define a filter, click Apply.

5.      After you define all the desired filters, click OK.



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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016