Saving Losses By


In the Save Loss By area of the Output Options pane, select the resolution, or level of event detail, by which you want to save the loss results. Touchstone supports the following options:

Save Loss By Option



This option is automatically selected for analyses that you run against an exposure view; it does not appear for analyses that you run against individual contracts. You cannot change this setting. It provides event-level losses.


Select one of the contract options to save loss results by individual contracts, individual layers, or user-defined lines of business. If you select contract or layer, you can generate LOB and layer losses from the database.


Select one of the location options to save loss results by individual location.


If you select the Geography option, you can select a geographic resolution—Event Total, Country, Area (e.g. State), Sub Area (e.g. County), or Postcode (e.g. ZIP Code).


When you select a combination of Save Loss By and geographic resolution, the application displays a note indicating whether you can export the results to a CLF (company loss file). Example

When you select these options, check marks in the Able To Generate columns—Summary EP, Annual EP and TVAR— indicate the results that you can generate for the selected Save Loss By option. While that information does not appear in the user information, you can extract it, for example by using SQL queries.


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Touchstone V3.0 Updated December 01, 2016