Using Modeled Losses from Previous Product Versions


In Touchstone 3.0, you can view and export Detailed Loss Analysis results from previous product versions of the product even if the models have been updated. You can also use loss results from previous product versions in Loss Comparative analyses, even when there has been a model change. The results grid now includes a Product Version column.

The following table summarizes post-processing capabilities for the four available analyses.

Catalog Type Updated? Marginal Impact Loss Group Comparative CATXOL
Stochastic Yes No No Yes No
Stochastic No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Historical or RDS Yes No No Yes No
Historical or RDS No No Yes Yes Yes
  This feature does not apply to Data Quality, Hazard, or Geospatial analyses.

Viewing Loss Analysis Results from Previous Product Versions

When working with results from previous product versions, consider the following usage notes:

       You can view all tables, charts, and results from previous analyses.

       While you can view results for Marginal Impact and Loss Groups analyses, you cannot run Marginal Impact or Loss Group analyses on old event sets.

       You can continue to use the results from previous analyses in Loss Comparative analyses. This is especially important if you are using AIR's Loss Comparative Analysis (license is required), where one of the main use cases is to compare older model losses.

       If older model files have changed, event tables may not be able to display event descriptions. If the description and/or event IDs have not changed, Touchstone will display the information.

       If older model files exist, the map displays the storm tracks and other details.

       Analysis settings and logs display the product (system), model, and catalog versions that were used in the analysis.

       You can group old losses only; you cannot group new and old losses together.

Exporting Loss Analysis Results from Previous Product Versions

You can export loss analysis results from previous product and model versions to a CSV file and to a CLF file. Click the links for each export type for specific considerations when exporting results from previous product and/or model vers


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