Working with Marginal Impact Analysis Results


The Marginal Impact Analysis results set displays a Marginal Impact Results table for each relevant region-peril set that you selected in Portfolio Mode or for the World All Perils region-peril set in Underwriting Contract Mode. Each Marginal Impact Results table displays the following information:

       Aggregate and occurrence results for the reference portfolio

       Aggregate and occurrence results for the new contract/portfolio

       Aggregate and occurrence portfolio impacts

       Aggregate and occurrence marginal impact

Each row in the Marginal Impact Results table includes the following data:

       Average annual loss (AAL)

       Standard deviation (SD)

       Exceedance Probability points or return periods

You can view the results by portfolio or by treaty (if you applied reinsurance programs during the loss analysis). In addition, you can select different financial perspectives and modify the display options. Click here for information about working with loss analysis results.

To view Marginal Impact Analysis results:

1.      In Portfolio Mode, access the results grid for your project.

In Underwriting Contract Mode, open the contract for which you want to view the most recent Marginal Impact Analysis results.

2.      In Portfolio Mode, select the analysis for which you want to view the results after making sure that the activity status is "Completed." You may want to refresh the list periodically. Click the hyperlinked name of the Marginal Impact Analysis. Alternately, select the desired Marginal Impact Analysis results and click Open on the grid toolbar.

In the Underwriting Contract Mode Contract Summary Dashboard, click Marginal Impact.



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