Generating an Underwriter Summary Report


You can generate an Underwriter Summary Report in Underwriting Contract Mode.

An Underwriter Summary Report includes summary information about the selected contract(s), including the following data:

         Basic policy details

         Summary of exposure data

         Exposure map

         Contract terms, including limits and reinsurance information

         Detailed Loss Analysis summary

         Hazard Analysis summary

         Clash Analysis summary

You can choose to include the loss results from a single Detailed Loss Analysis or from multiple Detailed Loss Analyses in an Underwriter Summary Report.


Note the following special considerations when generating Underwriter Summary Reports:

       If you choose to include a loss result that has been saved by layer, Touchstone automatically includes in the Underwriter Summary Report the losses by layer for all the contract layers.

       If you choose to include a loss result that has been saved by location, Touchstone displays in the Underwriter Summary Report up to the top ten locations by loss. Note that Touchstone determines the top loss by the Ground-Up aggregate average annual loss (AAL).

       In each hazard attribute summary in an Underwriter Summary Report, Touchstone includes the location count, sum of the total replacement value (TRV), and percent of the total TRV. Touchstone bases these figures on the sum totals for only the locations that were included in the hazard analysis. For example, if you choose to include a contract that contains both U.S. and non-U.S. locations, Touchstone bases the hazard attribute summaries in the resulting Underwriter Summary Report on the U.S. locations only and excludes the non-U.S. locations from the hazard analysis.

To generate an Underwriter Summary report:

1.      In Underwriting Contract Mode, add or open a contract.

2.      Run any desired analyses.

3.      In the Contract Summary Dashboard, select Reports. If Touchstone has not yet generated any reports for this contract, the Report Settings pane appears. Alternately, if Touchstone has already generated one or more reports for this contract, a list of generated reports appears. In this case, click Analysis Options to generate a new report for this contract.

4.      In the Reports area, select Underwriter Summary Report.

5.      If you want to include the results of multiple Detailed Loss Analyses in this Underwriter Summary Report, select the Multiple Loss Results Report check box.

6.      On the Underwriter Summary Report Settings pane, specify the desired report settings.

7.      If you have chosen to include multiple loss results in this Underwriter Summary report, select the desired sets of loss results on the Multiple Loss Results Report pane.

8.      Leave the default report name or enter a new report name.

9.      Click Run.

For more information about viewing completed Single Location Hazard Reports, see Viewing Underwriting Contract Mode Reports.


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