Miscellaneous Construction

AIR provides the following codes for miscellaneous construction:

  While Coverage C (content) is not supported for most of the 200-series construction class codes, it is, supported for Inland Transit (construction code 259) and for some other construction codes, such as tanks and pipelines. For the full list of supported combinations, refer to the "Const. & Occ. Combin." tab in each model supplement.


Construction Code




Railway Property

Railway properties are composed of major components of railway systems, which include railway stations, railway tunnels, railway bridges, railway tracks, and cables along the tracks but excluding trains.


Pumping Stations

Pumping stations are structures with mechanical devices that are used typically when a fluid material must be raised from a low point to a point of higher elevation, or where the topography prevents downhill gravity flow.


Compressor Stations

Compressor stations are structures with mechanical devices that are used for increasing the pressure of a gas by mechanically decreasing its volume.



A machine for raising, shifting, and lowering heavy weights by means of a projecting swinging arm or with the hoisting apparatus supported on an overhead track


Conveyor Systems

Devices used for moving loose material (typically on a belt, on rollers, or in an auger)



An artificial waterway of any depth used for draining or irrigating land or for navigation


Earth Retaining Structures

Earth retaining structures taller than 20 feet high


Waterfront Structures

Wharves or docks built next to the shore of navigable waters so that ships may receive and discharge cargo and passengers or walls of artificially enclosed basins into which vessels are brought for inspection and repair


Offshore Structures

A structure that is anchored to the ground under the ocean


Transit Warehouse

Transit warehouses often refer to distribution centers that temporarily store various commodities for further distribution, including wholesale stores. The commodities can be light (e.g., food, drug, light fabrication of clothing, high technology electricals) and heavy (e.g., heavy construction machineries). Warehouses are typically one story steel frame or SRC (steel reinforced concrete) construction with high ceilings. Most of the commodities are well packed and can be stacked during storage.


Marine Hull

Marine hull insurance covers the hull and machinery of a vessel. Specific ports or docks include loading or unloading (port risk), under construction (builders' risk), and repair (repairing risk).



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